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AnDAPT -- On-Demand Power Management Solutions  
Founded: Jan 2014
Status: Private
Source: Semiconductor Times, 5/18
950 S Bascom Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

AnDAPT (Adaptive Analog) was founded in 2014 to develop “On-Demand Power Management solutions.” The company is funded by Intel, Cisco, Vanguard and Atlantic Bridge.

While PMICs provide tremendous functionality, they are only available for a limited number of high volume applications. For applications lacking an off-the-shelf PMIC, developers are forced to fall back to standard limited functionality power devices, which are expensive, require significant design effort and expertise, and typically lack power management features such as sequencing/shutting off rails and monitoring current/optimizing voltage scaling.

AnDAPT has pioneered a new genre of adaptive analog technology that combines a digital programmable fabric with patented, digitally wrapped µAnalog power building blocks to enable on demand full functionality PMICs with high figures of merit. This technology combines analog power with FPGA flexibility, enabling integration of heterogeneous rails, optimization for user applications and the ability to monitor, control and manage power. µAnalog power building blocks can be interconnected via the fabric to create full-function analog power components such as voltage regulators, load switches, etc. while minimizing power design expertise requirements.

The AnDAPT On-Demand Power Management Solution is comprised of the Adaptive Multi-Rail Power (AmP) platform IC family, WebAmP cloud software tools and proven AmP software-based power components. With AmP, users can select and integrate application targeted, proven Amp Power components on to an AmP Platform, on-demand, thus replacing traditional expensive catalog parts and complex designs.

AnDAPT offers an extensive library of prebuilt and proven Power Components that replace traditional catalog parts, including: Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Multi-phase regulators, Load Switches, LDOs, Battery Chargers, Multi-phase controllers, Sequencers, Supervisors and other point of load (POL) devices. With Power Components, power management design is easy and can be completed within a few days, without long development cycles, high production volumes or NRE costs typical of traditional custom PMU/PMIC solutions. The devices facilitate full telemetry, providing customers with the ability to lower power consumption by monitoring, sequencing and voltage scaling.

WebAmP cloud-based tools provide a user-friendly GUI, along with a power analysis tool suite, with an ability to adapt Power Components to user requirements. AnDAPT also offers the AmPLink adapter to download user power designs to AmP platforms.

The first AmP family has been optimized for 12V, enterprise, server/client, communications, storage, IoT, drones, telematics, medical and Industrial applications. The architecture includes power blocks with scalable integrated MOSFETS including integrated current sense, sensor blocks with integrated adaptive digitizers, comparators, summation amplifiers and noise-immune references, a digital and analog interconnect fabric, telemetry, and built-in I2C (PMBus) and SPI.

The AmP Adaptive Multi-Rail Power Platforms include Power Blocks to build switching and linear regulators and Sensor Blocks to monitor current, voltage, and temperature. The 9 member 12V AmP8D DMOS platform family comprises 4, 8, or 12 Power/Sensor Blocks, available with 1A, 3A, or 6A per MOSFET. Up to 36 Analog or Digital GPIOs are offered in QFN packages from 6x6 to 8x8mm2. The devices are fabricated in a 110nm BCD process at Vanguard. The AmP8DP1QN52, the lowest cost member of the AmP product family is $3.75 at 1Ku.

In the future, AnDAPT will offer platforms for a broad spectrum of power and non-power analog applications.

Kapil Shankar, President and CEO (previously founder and CEO of SiliconBlue with prior experience at Xilinx, Lattice, and AMD)
Rick Crotty, EVP Platform Engineering (previously at Xilinx)
Tom Chan, EVP Technology & Operations (previously at SiliconBlue)
Giovanni Garcea, Ph.D., VP Systems Engineering (previously at Qualcomm, Volterra, and Summit)
Donghui Li, Ph.D., VP Software Development (previously with Lattice and SiliconBlue)
Jim Mulligan, VP of Sales (previously at SiliconBlue and Xilinx)
John Birkner, Architect (Architect and co-inventor of the original PAL devices)

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