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MystiCom -- DSP-based networking cores
Founded: Jan 1997
Status: Acquired by Transwitch 12/05 for $5-15M
Issue(s): 1/98
6 Hazoran St., P.O.Box 8364
Netanya, 42504
Tel: +972-9-8636465
Fax: +972-9-8636466

Dr. David Almagor, Rich Seifert, Israel Greiss, Amir Bar-Niv, Eyran Lida and Massad Eyal founded MystiCom in 1997 to develop DSP-based VLSI cores for networking applications. First round funding, in Aug. '97, from Newbury, Polaris (Israel) and Chase Capital raised $1.5M. Additional capital of approx. $3M will be sought in Q2 '98. An IPO is targeted for the year 2001. The company has 8 employees and anticipates staffing up to 20 within one year. MystiCom is still in the development stage and has no revenue, although it is negotiating several licensing deals and expects some revenue in early '98.

The first product, MystiPHY100, a 10/100 Ethernet DSP-based PHY core, will be ready for licensing in Q2 '98. The core is hardwired, i.e. non-programmable, and will be supplied at the layout level for specific process technologies. Although the PHY market is getting crowded, MystiCom claims to have the following competitive advantages: DSP architecture; innovative DSP algorithms; efficient mixed-signal design; small die size; low-power; a flexible and customizable MAC interface; and a business model based on licensing.

The core will be supplied as a hard macro for specific foundry processes. MystiCom will port its cores to any process for a NRE charge and will ensure that it's customers end up with fully functional silicon. The analog portion of the core will be delivered as custom layout while the digital portion will be delivered as either a netlist, or layout. Cores, including test chips, for several specific process technologies are in development. MystiCom claims that its design methods ensure easy portability from fab to fab.

Multi-PHY, Gigabit copper, xDSL and cable modem cores are being considered for the future. Target customers include networking system OEMs interested in incorporating the cores into full-custom chips manufactured in low-cost foundries; ASIC companies and foundries for incorporation into their cell libraries; and semiconductor vendors. MystiCom currently sells direct to large customers. The company's long-term plan is to remain an IP supplier, however as we've stated countless times, we believe that most companies aspire to move up the food chain.

Dr. David Almagor, president & CEO (formerly dir. of National's DSP Group)
Rich Seifert, Founder and Chief Architect (a well-known consultant to the networking industry; also with Networks and Communications)
Israel Greiss, Founder and CTO
Deborah Vogt, Vice President of Marketing

1804 N. Shoreline Blvd, Suite 240
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Phone: 650-210-8080; Fax: 650-210-9030

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